So you want a miracle

Expecting a miracle simply means that we are humble enough to accept this limitation of our understanding and that we are open enough to expect events that are currently unexplainable. But i believe these events are God at work. So we start with faith, which is complete trust or confidence in God. Because if you are a follower of God your faith is in Him. The message of God is simple. He loves us He wants us to love Him and each other. If we understand and except this message we understand that faith is more than merely believing in the existence of God . We understand that true faith is demostrating our love to others and to God, and maintaining our absolute trust in Gods love for us,regardless of our circumstances. We can find joy and peace in our lives and look forward with hope in the promise of spending eternity in the presence of Gods love in Heaven. It is a simple message that leaves us with a choice. Do we live our lives accordingly or do we choose another path that leads us away from God.

Miracles can happen…….So if you believe and have hope thing there is no limit to what God can do…

Small Groups

So your called to do a ministry? Its seems like it will be easy enough. Does God really trust me to do this. Will i be excepted by everyone? Will i have to be corrected because i got something wrong? What if i fail?

These are all valid questions. What you have to do is walk in faith as a true believer you learn as you go along that depending on God will be your best bet. Though it may seem he is not near you will have to learn to lean on the spirit. So lets talk about the spirit. Holy Spirit means (in Christianity ) the third person of the trinity; God as spiritually active in the world. John 3:16 says For God so loved the world he gave His only begotten son; FREE OFFER. The Holy Spirit is yours it is attainable thru the acceptance of Christ into your life. When you become a Christ follower you have the Holy Spirit to help guide you. It will comfort you direct you hold you accountable. We are to be a vibrant community of people who are alive with the Spirit of God…. Jesus said Follow me i will make you fishers of men. The spirit helps us to witness as we live and teach the love of Christ.

So if your called to do a ministry the first thing is to know your relationship with Christ is strong and listen to His voice as He speaks to you. Stay in the word do not depend on other people for comfort love and guidance its awesome to have that in sisters and brothers in Christ and we have to have that. if you are hearing God first then let others share your joy but only rely on God for what you should do as a service to Him. God should decide your life living importance. I know your thinking that would be hard. We have the bible stay in the word pray for someone at any chance you get. Serve when you can and your answer will come.

Understanding love

Love should just come easy right? For most it probably does. But is love something that is taught or are you born equipped with love in your brain. Do you want to feel love because of your creation, Just let me say upfront that i believe we were all created by God,so i think we are born with the knowledge of love something bigger than us something that holds us up something that carries us. Which to me i believe is God. You dont have to agree,

So if we believe we are born out of love and by God then can love be taken from us. spiritually no (if we except God into our lives it cannot be taken spiritually) But can we be broken most definitely we can can we become confused as to what love really means yes you can.

Children are abused everyday they are raped beat tortured and most of the time it is by a family member even a parent a lot of the times. This can confuse a child to exactly what love is to be like. I think it a shame the kids that suffer at the hands of adults. The very ones that should love is bringing pain to there babies who are gifts from the Lord. How can that be? I ask myself as well. Its evil as sure as i am typing this it is evil.

So what do we do to change this,we speak out we help kids we give love every chance that we can. Its so easy to do yet we fight about any and everything. Since this is a fallen world sin is real alive and taking out people all the time a lot of kids suffer because of sin a lot of adults do to,but kids cannot fight back,its not fair is it? Think about this and love every chance you get. Our children need us. We need them they make us better people….

Then Sings my Soul

So how do you get to a place where you are happy in trials? When and how do you become who God wants you to be in the midst of torture and pain. How do you get over loosing a loved one. Is this questions you’ve asked yourself? Is it crazy to you that God seems to work the most during trials. Do you feel it would be easier to walk away from God rather than hang around for whatever may happen ? Do you feel he is unjust or unfair?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions then you know your in a good place,sound crazy well its not these are the times things may start to become clearer sometimes questions come up when we are in a place of searching looking for something, God can get your attention when he wants to. Plus He always knows what your thinking. In fact He allows things sometimes just so He can hear from you. Does that seem cruel? He created us he loves us and He carries us while we most of the time go about our lives like we are doing something. Dont ever forget He is in control. But most of all He loves you so much, beleve it of not He wants the best for you.

Hard Times

We all have them,in a human society mostly we all deal with them the same. Woe is me,why me this sucks yada yada. I know this because i have done the same thing. Looking at it from a Christian perspective Paul tells us count it all joy. WHAT! Joy how does that even make sense. Your world is falling apart and you say rejoice? How is that possible. Truth, i would probably go crazy for awhile then remember oh yeah talk to God!

But that is where we will allow grace and mercy into our lives. God knows sometimes that i have to be in a desperate mind frame to actually say ok God what we doing here? He wants us to seek Him in the storm and in the calm. He is the answer regardless the circumstances. He is our refuge our hope strength our provider our vindicator,He is enough. But a parent burying a child or a spouse saying goodbye to there significant other is tough and its hard to understand why a God that supposedly loves us so much lets this happen. Such as with drugs alcohol molestation abuse murder. So much worldly stuff but then there in itself is the answer the world. It is pretty much ran by satan sin is everywhere and easy to get to. Sin is made to look popular fun until you are the prisoner of that very sin. The devil will trap you in your own doings because we have free will. He is the owner of hell and we should never forget how bad he wants us to be there with him.

God will hold us carry us forgive us and always i mean always love us. But we must seek Him daily we must call out to Him, We must pray all the time for our famalies and friends. We must spend time in His presence. No matter how hard to swallow or how hard it is to move on God will help us.

I have so much to say about this subject but another day…..


You never know what can happen until you try. Thats the way its been with me for years. Desperate times i prayed for three years and got an answer God showed up big time. I prayed for a year that a dear lady be able to live thru a major surgery. God answered all these and it was such a wonderful joyous feeling. I have gotten many answers to prayer i am grateful for that.

This year i had an opportunity to go to a twenty one day prayer time at my church.It was different i was going to just pray. life is good i really had no complaints.I wondered will i like this how will it be. I didnt worry about it to much and i showed up almost everyday. It was so amazing hard difficult and life changing i am so glad that i went. Number one i got to spend time with no distractions with God. Some mornings i just sit and let Him love on me. Sometimes i just marveled in His presence it was so wonderful to know that He would show up and visit with me with no expectations of me. He wanted to spend time with me refresh my soul was the way it felt.

But it did change some i prayed for our small group i prayed for my family i prayed for any and everyone i could think of,it was good so good. Then the twenty one days was up, i was sad i didnt want it to end. So i decided i would show up for every Tuesday morning prayer. It is hard getting up at four forty five on your hardest day of the week and go pray but ive done it. One of the biggest things i find when i spend time with God the things that i mess up or well i was being fake about something He pointed that out to me it was hard but i acknowledged it in front of people ask Him to forgive me and moved on. God wants to grow you up in the best way He can and thats more like Him. He wants me to operate fully with the confidence of my identity. That i am good enough i am loved He loves me more than words can say. He died for me i am worth it.

Take time to spend with the Lord He is awesome!!!!


Being a Christian doesnt mean addiction cant happen to you. It is a real sickness. It tears down empires families it destroys childrens life. It kills everyday all day long.

I believe the power over drug addiction can only be found in Jesus, want argue about it with anyone from my experience God has helped me in numerous way. I will admit alcohol was a thing for me but i was strong enough to quit that before it got to far. Smoking pot was easy for me to walk away from. This may seem small to some people who struggle with meth or crack etc. But for me now it is sugar. Please dont laugh it is for real its an addiction for me.

I love this scripture 1st Cor.6:12 I have the right to do anything you say—but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything—–but i will not be mastered by anything. We have a choice the choice we should pick is to never ever try any drug. The wonderful grace and mercy of God helped me helps me still. Anytime we make a decision about anything good or bad wheels start turning then the circumstances go from there to the consequences or joy or pain or depending on your choice is how the outcome will be. Even if we made a bad decision and see where we failed sometime we can stop it, dont thing you cant change it though because you can sometimes we are pulled in so deep we cannot see a way out. But Jesus can get you out your faith your willpower can help you.Willpower will help you restrain impulses.God will can work with your willpower it comes from Him anyway.

I am not a expert on addiction i believe it is evil. I believe the devil loves to run with you everywhere you go when you are feeding that desire.Just like he tempted Jesus just like he talked Adam and Eve into the wrong choice.This has been going on since the beginning of time. The devil sooths our ego with the thoughts in our mind. One more time is ok you got this your fine have fun party on and on. What i do know about addiction is it will spend all your money in your checking account five dollars or five million. It will hurt you if its your spouse even if they promised to love and obey. Evil is in control and the prison walls have captured you or your loved one. I have saw so many friends and family members pass away because of addiction. Children abused molested. Traumatized babys there is no way to see that,but as evil.

This is just a short blog about addiction, remember Lives are filled with various forms of temptations. Its our forgiving Gods words where we can find the encouragement and strength to overcome our cravings.

1st John 2:16 For everything in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life comes not from the Father but from the world.

1st Peter 5:10 And the God of all grace who called you to His eternal glory in Christ after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong firm and steadfast.

Psalm 50:15 and call on me in the day of trouble, i will deliver you,and you will honor me

Romans 5:3-5 but we also glory in our sufferings , because we know that suffering produces perseverance. perseverance ,character and character hope.And hope does not put us to shame because Gods love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

Please know i know that every life is different. I have seen in so many lives the hard road of this pain mine as well has been truly changed because of addiction. I pray wherever you are today in your journey that you are pushing thru asking God for help each day. Strength courage and Gods grace be on us all.